Adoptive parents, join my free practicum group

Starting June 19, a small group of adoptive/foster/kinship parents will gather for 6 weekly sessions, led by me, Beth Syverson.

This is the final step in my coaching certification program, so the members of this practicum group will attend for FREE. In exchange, they will allow my mentor to review the videos so she can critique me, and group members will provide feedback about my coaching so I can learn and grow before opening up my coaching practice.

If you’re available on Mondays at 2-3pm PST starting June 19, and if you’re looking for some guidance and camaraderie on your parenting journey, click the button below to apply for the group.

Welcome to Unraveling Adoption!

Whether you’re an adoptee, adoptive parent, birth/first parent, or ally, please take a look around and find resources that might help you on your journey!

I recently spoke at the National Association of Adoptees and Parents’ Happy Hour, so I’m including the video here. It’s a good way to hear our family’s story and understand where we’re coming from at Unraveling Adoption.

Let’s delve into adoption’s complexities together

Safe Home Podcast has become Unraveling Adoption

January 2023:

We are in the middle of a name change and focus shift for our podcast. Safe Home Podcast was created in August 2021 with Beth Syverson and her son Joey Nakao. Their mission was to help struggling teens and their families finding their healing path. Topics included Addiction, Mental Health, Adoption, and Diversity.

Now we are pivoting to Unraveling Adoption, which will focus on adoption in every episode. BUT we will still be covering the topics of Addiction, Mental Health, and Diversity because….adoption.

Welcome and thanks for finding/sticking with us!

Beth Syverson


In 2019, when our [adopted] son Joey was 15, he was hospitalized with a mental health crisis. While there, we found out he had been using cannabis, psychedelics, and more. It has been a sometimes-excruciating marathon since then, with runaways, overdoses, psych hospitals and treatment centers, relapses, suicidal ideation, and anxiety & depression. But our family is now on a healing journey, and we are committed to walking beside each other with positive and compassionate relationships, no matter what. We’ve discovered that Joey’s relinquishment trauma from his inter-country adoption at 7 months old is one of his core issues.

We want to help other families struggling with adoption, addiction, mental health, and diversity. Join us!

Adoptive Parents

APtitude is a support group for adoptive parents facing adoption’s challenges. Membership is FREE and includes a monthly speaker forum, a private Facebook group, a bookclub, and a curated database of resources for adoptive parents. If you’re an adoptive/foster/kinship parent, join for free here.


Every Monday morning (or Saturday morning for Patreon members), we publish a new episode of Unraveling Adoption. Joey and Beth started this project in August 2021. We have had dozens of episodes so far with amazing guests.


Unraveling Adoption Bookclub is currently reading The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté. The Bookclubs app provides asynchronous discussion space in their Messages tab, and Beth sends discussion questions several times a week.

Hop in anytime by joining our Patreon. The Bookclub is only available for our Patreon members.


Beth always has a number of workshops, webinars, and speaking engagements on the calendar. She teaches about the things she wishes she knew when Joey was first having trouble in his early teens. Topics include:

  • Parenting struggling teens

  • Addiction

  • Adoption trauma

  • Compassionate boundaries

  • And more

Support Unraveling Adoption

Unraveling Adoption has a Patreon page where you can sign up to support the podcast with a small monthly donation. There are four tiers - $5, $10, $25, and $50 - and each tier provides special goodies for our Safe Home inner circle.

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Stay Safe!    Beth Syverson and Joey Nakao

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